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Books by Chester Brigham on maritime history, and related arts and letters

Phoenix of the Seas

Phoenix cover

NEW! PUBLISHED 2015 The remarkable 3-ocean, 3-centuries saga of the schooner Ernestina-Morrissey, State Ship of Massachusetts (more)

On Opposite Tacks

OOT front

Contrasts and parallels in the careers of a major American artist and a sea-going entrepreneur (more)

Gloucester's Bargain with the Sea

GBWS front

How legends of heroism and peril at sea drew major painters, sculptors and writers to a New England fishing port (more)

The Stream I Go A-Fishing In

Stream cover

The ship’s fiddler who became a concert violinist, concert impresario and composer of melodies played on parlor pianos across America (more)

Children’s books written and illustrated by Anthea Brigham

Henrietta, World War II Hen

Henrietta cover2

Roger the Rooster

Roger cover

So frightened by German bombs that she could not lay eggs, this English hen faced an uncertain future (more)

The leaping skills developed by Roger when trying to escape from a petting zoo served him well when a marauding fox threatened his hens (more)


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