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To geologists it is a glacial erratic. But for generations Whale’s Jaw was a great granite whale breaching to the surface in the Gloucester section of Dogtown Common on Cape Ann, proclaiming the sea nature of this island cape. The lower jaw has since dropped, weakened by campfires. But the symbolism endures.

The books of Chester and Anthea Brigham are published under the imprint of Whale’s Jaw Publishing.

Each of Chester Brigham’s five books of nonfiction begins in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He starts with an individual or an event. Then he pursues significant linkages wherever they may lead, and that is often far from Cape Ann. He takes the reader to the Arctic in the 1920s and ‘30s in the company of legendary captain Bob Bartlett. To packet ship voyages shuttling between the Cape Verde islands and New England. To the lower Manhattan and East Gloucester with the artistry of John Sloan. To the England of T. S. Eliot with his nostalgia for a boyhood of sailing out of Gloucester harbor to islands down east. To sputtering wood-and-fabric Coast Guard seaplanes winging low along Atlantic shores in pursuit of Prohibition rum runners. Gloucester’s maritime and arts history ranges far and wide, and Brigham’s books trace the routes to unexpected destinations.

Chester Brigham

Anthea Brigham

Anthea Brigham in her first book, Henrietta, World War II Hen, recounts and illustrates an episode from her childhood in an England under attack during World War II. Her love of sketching, and of telling the stories of animals, finds expression again in a second book for young readers, Roger the Rooster Leaps to the Rescue.

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